The Sketches

What I was thinking during the show

Before the "Ring Sketch"

Some people wanted to know what SHE thought the rest of the scene was going to be, so I thought I'd put it up here for you to read:

Looking at diamonds…

Bones- Not that I CARE, but just in CASE someone DOES care, I can tell them… what kind of ring would you want?
Laura- For what?
Bones- Duh, come on…
Laura- For an egaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagement?
Bones- Yeah- but I’m just asking, I don’t care or anything. This is the first I’m thinking about it.
Laura- Well, I hadn’t really thought about it either,
Bones- Yeah….
Laura- But, since you ASKED- you DID ask, - let’s look at Macy’
Bones- Ok, I mean, I’m just curious.
Laura- See, I like this one, because the stone doesn’t really jump up off the ring, and I like the white color instead of the gold.
Bones- Yeah, I figured you weren’t into a gold color.
Laura- So you HAVE been thinking about it?
Bones- Only in the abstract. You must like this one too then, huh?
Laura- No, that one is really ugly.
Bones- They’re the same ring!
Laura- No, this one has a princess cut stone.
Bones- You mean the diamond?
Laura- Yes, the “stone”. It’s princess, which is square.
Bones- Princess means square- and that is square- got it. Not that I care.
Laura- Anyway, the setting is too pointy.
Bones- These prongy-things are too pointy?
Laura- Yes, the “setting”; I don’t want it to stick out like that.
Bones- I can’t tell that it-
Laura- You can tell by the picture.
Bones- They’re the same ring!
Laura- Well, it’s all wrong. I like something CLASSIC, but a little different.
Bones- So, something like this is the traditional…
Laura- No- not traditional- CLASSIC, but a little different.
Bones- Right, this one has the “stone” too high, right?
Laura- Yes; it’s too “mainstream”.
Bones- Gotcha. So then THIS one has a low…. Stone, with a small setting, and it’s kinda-
Laura- It’s too small.
Bones- You’re a size six an a half, aren’t you?
Laura- No- the stone- the diamond- is too small.
Bones- Right, no, of course, I was just….
Laura- Something like THIS would be more like it, but different.
Bones- You mean WITHOUT the 20,000 price tag?
Laura- Yeah, well- I’m not really thinking about a ring anytime soon,
Bones- Good, because for 20,000 I’ll get you a CIRCUS ring.
Laura- YOU asked. Let’s stop this.
Bones- Good idea…..
Laura- But it IS something I’m going to have the rest of my life.
Bones- Hopefully.
Laura- Don’t talk like that.
Bones- Alright, alright.
Laura- It’s an INVESTMENT, right?
Bones- NO! I mean what kind of investment sits on your finger? It’s an INVESTMENT if we break up and you go pawn it!
Laura- I wouldn’t do that- I love you!
Bones- I love you too! This is silly, I’m not really thinking about it for a while, I mean like another year or two, and based on what I’ve learned so far, it’s gonna take that long anyway-
Laura- I wanna be surprised!

*********************************SHE DIDN'T SEE IT COMING*****************

Bones- Well, ok I hear you.
Laura- Ok.
Bones- I think we should break up. (playful flirty)
Laura- What?
Bones- Look, I figure if we break up NOW, I can save you a trip to the pawn shop, the divorce court, the are no children to bicker over-
Laura- You would fight for them?
Bones- Those brats that my mother cursed me to have? No thanks!
Laura- But they’d be cute.
Bones- ‘cause they’d be as beautiful as you?
Laura- No, ‘cause they’d be as beautiful as their dead-beat daddy.
Bones- That’s right- dead-beat. I’d run away to Mexico, and not give you a dime.
Laura- And now you know why I want a 20,000 ring.
Bones- Touche’.

Special Thanks to:
Mike Durkin and Laura Livingston for introducing us,
Rick Kiley for holding the ring,
Matt Kalman for the video,
and Kundalini Komedy for the MONTHS of deception!

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